Your Countertop Estimate. Easy as 1-2-3


1. Choose your stone. 

Haven't decided yet? Take a look at our stone samples for inspiration. With so many fabulous choices, though, you may want a few estimates, and that's fine with us. We are pleased to assist you in finding just the right choice for your home and budget.

Sample Sketch WilgusIQ.png

2. Take your measurements.

If you have a shop drawing, all we need is a copy. If not, you can make a very simple sketch of like the one on this page. It doesn't need to be drawn exactly to scale, but please do include the surface dimensions in inches and important details like sinks. Graph paper is not required, but we'll provide it for you. 


3. Submit your information.

You can fax or email your drawing or drop it off when you visit our showroom. Ready to send it now? Then please visit our Contact Page for assistance.